Verifying Meals

Verifying meals and snacks allow you to track your adherence to your plan.

To verify a meal click on the “+” button beside the meal/snack you wish to verify. You will be prompted to input the following:

  • Calories: Captures the amount of calories you consumed.
  • Time: Identifies the time of day you ate this meal/snack.
  • Low, Medium, High: Records the Carb Code you had for this meal/snack.

 If you skipped this meal/snack you can simply select “skip meal” in the top right corner.

Once you “save” this information, any changes made will be reflected in your “Live Energy” where you can visualise the impact of these changes on your day. 

Verifying meals helps you refine and optimise your fuelling and recovery strategies for different types, intensities and durations of workouts.