Fuel Planner & Carb Codes

Your Personal Fuel Strategy: Unlocking the Power of Carb Codes in the Fuel Planner

What is the Fuel Planner?

The Fuel Planner strategically personalises and periodises your calorie and macronutrient needs to the unique demands of your physical characteristics, workouts, lifestyle and goals.

To do this the Fuel Planner uses Carb Codes to produce its nutrition recommendations. These meal by meal recommendations are tailored to the strains and stresses of your day to maximise your performance, recovery and adaptation.

This feature was developed on the back of 50+ years of research into how to optimally fuel for the demands of your activity. A major contribution to this research was the PhD of Hexis Co-Founder Dr. Sam Impey.

What are Carb Codes?

Carb Codes contain the nutrition recommendations of each meal and snack in your Fuel Plan.

Carb Code recommendations take into consideration the following:

  • The type, intensity and duration of your workouts over a 72hr period (yesterday, today, tomorrow). As a result, adding workouts 48hrs ahead of time is recommended where possible.
  • The importance of each workout (competition, key performance, or standard workout)
  • Your biometrics, lifestyle patterns and goals.

Carb Code recommendations are displayed using a green, amber and red traffic light system described below:

High Carb: Green

  • High carb meals are predominantly carbohydrate based and contain moderate amounts of protein and vegetables.
  • Best for periods of higher energy requirements.
  • Ideal to help fuel for, and recover from, big workouts.

Medium Carb: Amber

  • Medium carb meals are traditionally balanced meals.
  • Best for periods of moderate energy requirements.
  • Can aid fuelling and recovery for a range of exercise and activity levels.

Low Carb: Red

  • Low carb meals are predominantly protein and vegetable based.
  • Best for periods of lower energy requirements.
  • Can support improvements in body composition and weight management.

What are my Low, Medium and High Carb Code Ranges?

Carb Code Ranges specify what the suggested gram amount of carbohydrate that constitutes a Low, Medium or High Carb meal/snack for you.

The values are personalised to the unique demands of your primary sport, training status and bodyweight

You can adjust your Carb Code Ranges by altering the following in your profile:

  • Primary sport
  • Workout Patterns > Hours per week
  • Body weight

It is recommended you update these metrics as required to reflect any changes in your activity levels or physical profile.

What is Live Energy and how does it work?

Live Energy provides minute by minute visual insights into your energy status in real time throughout the day. By tracking and predicting your energy you can understand how to optimally fuel your body to train smarter, push harder and recover faster.

Live Energy takes the following into consideration:

  • Resting energy expenditure (REE)
  • Sleeping energy expenditure (SEE)
  • Exercise energy expenditure (EEE)
  • Excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)
  • Lifestyle activity (often referred to as non-exercise activity thermogenesis or NEAT)
  • Planned and tracked energy intake
  • Dietary induced thermogenesis (DIT)
  • Body composition goals

REE, SEE, EEE, EPOC, NEAT and DIT all burn energy and as a result will cause your energy balance to decrease. Energy intake from meals and/or snacks will lead to an increase in energy balance

Updated on: 
February 2, 2024