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Every athlete is unique
So are your fuelling needs

Fuel correctly and you’ll go further, faster. Athletes who use intelligent fuelling see their performance rise by an average of 9.8%.
That’s not marginal – it’s massive.

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Enhance Performance

Push harder for longer with personalised fuelling that delays fatigue and maximises performance

Elevate Recovery

Accelerate how your body recovers and adapts to each workout

Optimise Body Composition

Remove the guesswork and achieve your ideal body composition without having to sacrifice performance

Proven to help you perform

Fuel correctly and you’ll go further, faster. Athletes who use intelligent fuelling see their performance rise by an average of 9.8%. That’s not marginal – it’s massive.

Only Hexis’ Carb Coding™ system predicts and adapts to your unique carbohydrate and energy needs, to give you a fuelling plan perfectly tailored to your body, training load, lifestyle and goals. It’s the most advanced fuelling plan system available – yet also the easiest to use.

Precise, reliable, trusted

Hexis was developed by world-leading sports scientists, in collaboration with elite athletes and coaches. Our intelligent Carb Coding™ system is based on decades of peer-reviewed nutrition research. With Hexis, you can feel confident that your fuelling needs are in safe hands.

Hear what what our Pros are saying

“The great thing about Hexis is that it gives you options

You can understand why you're doing what you're doing, and it can be as simple as if you eat now, you will perform better later.

Founder of YBL

“I’ve never been so confident in my nutrition

Hexis has amplified how my body adapts to training and performs in competition. I’ve never been so confident in my nutrition.

Ed Laverack
2x British Champion

Athlete Pricing

Fuel smarter, perform better and recover faster with 24/7 personalised nutrition tailored to your workouts, lifestyle and goals

3 Month
Ideal for athletes with a short term goal such as preparing for an event
£19.99 GBP
per month*
Save £144
  • Event preparation
  • Short Term Performance & Recovery Enhancements
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*£59.97 billed upfront
Most Popular
12 Month
Best for athletes wanting to maximise athletic performance and build long term behaviours
£9.99 GBP
per month*
Save 50%
  • Maximise Performance, Recovery & Adaptation
  • Improve Metabolic Flexibility & Body Composition
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*£119.88 billed upfront
6 Month
Best for athletes seeking in-season support with a medium term goal
£14.99 GBP
per month*
Save 25%
  • In-Season Support
  • Improve Training Quality & Enhance Competition Performance
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*£89.94 billed upfront

Frequently Asked Question

What geographies is Hexis available in?

Hexis is currently available across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and the Middle East. We will be expanding to more geographies towards the end of 2024.

Why does the Fuel Plan use Carb Codes?

Not every day is the same. Some days are hard and long, others are shorter and easier, whereas some days are about complete rest and recovery. These ever changing daily demands should be reflected in how you fuel your body. Fuel Plan uses Carb Codes to strategically periodise your nutrition needs to the unique demands of your workouts, lifestyle and goals. By tailoring your fuel to the strains and stresses of your day, you can perform better and recover faster.

How does Hexis calculate my calorie requirements?

Hexis calculates calorie requirements by considering the following components of energy expenditure in our algorithms:

Resting Energy Expenditure: The amount of energy your body burns when it is at complete rest to maintain normal physiological processes.

Sleeping Energy Expenditure: The amount of energy your body burns when it is sleeping to maintain normal physiological processes. The rate at which you burn energy in your sleep is similar to, but slightly lower than, the rate at which you burn energy when awake.

Non Exercise Activity Expenditure: This is the activity associated with your lifestyle and is comprised of the energy you expend to do everything that is not sleeping, resting, eating or purposeful exercising.

Exercise Energy Expenditure: This is the amount of energy you burn during exercise and is influenced by the type, intensity and duration of your workout. This can vary greatly day to day in line with the demands of your activity.

Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC): Certain workouts, not all, may also increase your rate of oxygen consumption post exercise and burn additional energy during this recovery period.

Dietary Induced Thermogenesis (DIT): Dietary induced thermogenesis typically accounts for ~10% of our total energy requirement and is the energy cost of digesting and absorbing the food we eat.

How should I interpret Live Energy?

Live Energy provides minute by minute visual insights into your energy status in real time throughout the day. Live Energy is displayed on an energy balance graph where the y-axis represents the amount of calories above or below balance you are and the x-axis represents the time of day. Spending time throughout the day in both a positive energy balance or surplus (+) and a negative energy balance or deficit (-) is normal and advised.

For weight loss it is best to end the day in a deficit, whereas for weight gain it is best to finish in a surplus. To maintain weight it is best to finish the day in, or very close to, balance (0). This may vary in the lead up, as well as during competition, as you may require more energy to perform optimally.

Hexis focuses on improving health and performance behaviours meal by meal and one day at a time. As a result, Live Energy resets to 0 kcal every midnight for the following day.

Please note, chronic exposure to severe energy deficits is not advised and actively discouraged, as such under-fuelling behaviours can lead to negative health and performance consequences.

What wearables does Hexis integrate with?

Currently Hexis integrates with Apple Health. This means that any wearable workout data you connect to Apple Health (e.g. Garmin, Whoop, etc), Hexis can use to refine your Fuel Plan. However, over the coming months Hexis will add a significant number of additional integrations to this list for both iOS and Android.

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