Live Energy Overview

Live Energy provides minute by minute visual insights into your energy status in real time throughout the day. By tracking and predicting your energy you can understand how to optimally fuel your body to train smarter, push harder and recover faster. 

Live Energy tracking and predictions take the following into consideration: 

  • Resting and sleeping energy expenditure (REE and SEE). 
  • Exercise energy expenditure (EEE).
  • Lifestyle activity.
  • Planned and tracked energy intake.
  • Dietary induced thermogenesis (DIT).
  • Body composition goals.

REE, SEE, EEE, Lifestyle Activity and DIT all burn energy and as a result will cause your energy status to decrease. Energy intake from meals and/or snacks will lead to an increase in energy status.

For a more detailed explanation of each check out features.

Live Energy is displayed on an energy balance graph where the y-axis represents the amount of calories above or below balance you are and the x-axis represents the time of day. Your Live Energy for the current minute in the day is displayed above this graph.

Hexis focuses on improving health and performance behaviours meal by meal and one day at a time. As a result, Live Energy resets to 0 kcal every midnight for the following day. 

The Live Energy graph icons are explained below:

  • Solid white line: Past.
  • Dotted white line: Predicted.
  • Solid blue line: Workout.
  • Small green dot: Live energy.
  • Large green, amber, red circle lined circle with navy centre: Planned meals.
  • Large green, amber, red circle: Verified/logged meals.
  • White target: End of day calorie target.