Building your hexis profile on the mobile app

To build your hexis profile follow the below steps:

  • Open your hexis mobile app.
  • Login using the email address and password you created your account with.
  • Complete the hexis on-boarding flow. 
  • During this flow you will be prompted to provide a range of biometric, lifestyle and workout data. 
  • Please take your time and do not rush this process to ensure the highest degree of accuracy possible in the information provided.
  • Once you have completed on-boarding select “Let’s go”.

After completing the above steps you will now have a complete hexis profile and are ready to start adding workouts and taking command of your energy.

If you wish to edit any of your profile information you can do this by:

  • Select the profile icon in the app.
  • Navigate to the field you wish to amend.
  • Make desired changes before saving.