New Feature: Wearable Integration Beta

New Feature: Wearable Integration Beta

Mar 2023
Hexis Updates
New Feature: Wearable Integration Beta

The team at Hexis are delighted to share that, as part of our wearable integration beta, we have just integrated with Apple Health! 

The integration of Apple Health into the Hexis ecosystem will enable you to use workout data from your wearable device to generate personalised nutrition recommendations in real-time following your workouts. The data-driven personalised prescriptions will help you optimise and elevate recovery from workouts, whilst also supporting your energy management and long-term performance. Join now

Before we go any further, you can find out how to get setup by following the steps in the video below

To help you get up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible our team has also prepared some answers to common questions below. If you have any additional questions please check out our FAQs section here.

Can I integrate data from multiple wearable devices to Hexis?

Yes, as long as your wearable devices are connected to Apple Health you can connect as many devices as you like.

How does my wearable data impact my nutrition recommendations?

The workout data shared from Apple Health will be used to, where appropriate, update your personalised nutrition recommendations to reflect the demands of your most up to date workout information. These include updates to your day's Fuel Plan, Kcals and Macros and Live Energy.

This beta feature release marks the first of many planned integrations on the Hexis Product Roadmap. To date the features we have are building and the integrations we have been making have all been informed by you and your feedback. This is something we value highly and appreciate always. With that in mind, if there is an integration you’d like Hexis to make or a product feature you want to see us build please email with your suggestions.

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