The Rise of Research in Sports Nutrition

The Rise of Research in Sports Nutrition

Oct 2022
The Rise of Research in Sports Nutrition

Innovation has always been at the forefront of sport as athletes and organisations push the limits of what is physically possible. This pursuit of an “edge” has led to breakthroughs in aerodynamics in cycling and carbon plate shoes in running. However, until recently sports nutrition has lagged behind other areas of human performance. This is likely the result of the low research rates with <100 scientific papers published per year in sports nutrition in the early 1990’s. In fact, it's only recently that this young discipline is emerging from its infancy as the research numbers rise to approximately 3,500 papers published per year today.

At Hexis, we are on a mission to unleash human potential, and as such we will continue to contribute to this progress in the field of sports nutrition. We will do so by continuing to publish our research throughout our journey as we design, develop and deliver technology that helps you fuel smarter, perform better and recover faster. 

In fact, you can check out the latest publication from our team here


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