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February 5, 2024
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Technology Unlocks The Future Of Sports Nutrition

Unlock the future of sports nutrition with Hexis, an innovative ecosystem offering AI-Powered personalised nutrition and real-time monitoring.

Technology Unlocks The Future Of Sports Nutrition

In the arena of sports and performance nutrition, where the pursuit of peak performance has a history dating back to ancient civilisations, the evolution of this discipline has seen groundbreaking strides with each technology breakthrough. From the pioneering studies on carbohydrate and fat metabolism by Prof Nathan Zuntz to the modern era marked by the landmark carbohydrate periodisation research of Hexis Co-Founder Dr Sam Impey, sports nutrition is a dynamic field, continually reshaped by advancements in technology.

The Impact of Technology on the Evolution of Sports Nutrition

The roots of sports and performance nutrition can be traced back to the Greeks and Romans, who adopted specialised diets to enhance athletic prowess. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that a merging of technology breakthroughs propelled sports and performance nutrition into its own discipline. 

The last two decades have witnessed an unprecedented surge in sports and performance nutrition research, with publications skyrocketing from 211 in 2002 to a staggering 3,734 in 2022. This explosion of knowledge has fuelled the opportunity to develop robust fuelling, recovery, and performance strategies as nutrition coaches have become integral to helping maximise athlete performance.

However, despite this rapid evolution, sports and performance nutrition remains a young and continually evolving discipline. The biggest challenge lies in translating existing knowledge into actionable strategies for athletes and clients. This gap presents an opportunity, yet again, for technology.

Ref: New Opportunities to Advance the Field of Sports Nutrition
Ref: New Opportunities to Advance the Field of Sports Nutrition

Digital Technology's Rise: A Game-Changer

In tandem with the growth of sports and performance nutrition, the global proliferation of smartphones and mobile apps, coupled with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), has reshaped how we access information. The digital age has ushered in a paradigm shift, with smartphones becoming indispensable tools that offer 24/7 access to information, while AI serves as a co-pilot for coaches, effectively solving tasks at scale and in a time efficient manner.

Until now, current technologies in sports and performance nutrition only track what we've done post-activity (workout or meal). However, the opportunity lies in embracing predictive tech - shifting from a retrospective approach to a proactive, personalised and periodised strategy that is designed to help you plan and know what to do next to optimise future performance.

The rise of sports nutrition papers published per year and growth of tech
The rise of sports nutrition papers published per year and growth of tech

The Untapped Potential of Predictive Technology in Sports Nutrition

Despite the undeniable impact of digital technology on various aspects of our lives, sports nutrition has yet to fully embrace the potential of predictive tools. Instead the focus has remained on siloed coach and client tools such as manual meal planners, which drain nutrition coaches time, can’t be scaled and cannot be dynamically tailored 24/7, as well as calorie counters, which only allow clients to retrospectively track what's already happened instead of helping them decide what to do next. 

The need to integrate these predictive technological advancements to enhance nutrition coaching services and accelerate the translation of knowledge into practice has been identified in the scientific literature. Nutrition coaches now face a pivotal moment where the integration of these technologies could propel them forward or they risk becoming a "laggard."

Hexis Coach Hub
Hexis Coach Hub

Hexis: Revolutionising Sports Nutrition with Technology

In this landscape of untapped potential, Hexis is unlocking the future of sports and performance nutrition. Developed from multiple PhDs in sports and performance nutrition, exercise physiology, behaviour change science, computer science, data science and technology innovation, Hexis is not just an app - it's a game-changing ecosystem that is continually pushing boundaries.

Personalised Nutrition Prescriptions

Hexis recognises that there's no such thing as an "average" athlete or client. Through cutting-edge technology, the AI Powered Fuel Planner tailors personalised and periodised nutrition prescriptions, acknowledging the unique requirements of each individual. This shift from generic advice to bespoke strategies at scale is poised to revolutionise how ALL your athletes and clients fuel their bodies for optimal performance.

Hexis Coach Hub, Client Day View
Hexis Coach Hub, Client Day View

Real-Time Monitoring & Feedback

Hexis goes beyond traditional tracking apps by integrating real-time monitoring with predictive capabilities. This data-driven approach empowers nutrition coaches, as well as their athletes and clients, to make informed decisions, turning each workout into an opportunity for optimisation.

Behaviour Change Science
Behaviour Change Science

Bridging the Gap with Behaviour Change Science

Recognising the struggle nutrition coaches face in translating knowledge into client behaviors, Hexis was designed on a foundation of behaviour change science. The app serves as a bridge between cutting-edge research and practical application, ensuring that the advancements in sports and performance nutrition don't just reside in academic journals but are actively shaping the choices athletes and clients make.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Sports Nutrition

In the ever-evolving story of sports and performance nutrition, Hexis marks the beginning of a new chapter. As technology and sports and performance nutrition converge, nutrition coaches now have a new co-pilot ready to help them save time, scale and remove the need for spreadsheet generated plans or generic advice. Hexis opens the door to a personalised, periodised and data-driven approach, where every meal, every workout, and every recovery moment is optimised to maximise athletic performance.

The future of sports nutrition is no longer a distant goal - it's in your pocket.

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