Performance Starts with How You Fuel

Performance Starts with How You Fuel

Jan 2023
Performance Starts with How You Fuel

Our daily nutritional practices can have a profound impact on our bodies. Specifically, the right type, timing and total amounts of food and drink can:

  • Enhance how your body adapts to a training stimulus, helping you make improvements faster. 
  • Elevate your ability to perform in competition, as well as during those hard workouts when you need to push yourself to the limit. 
  • Accelerate how quickly your body recovers from training and competition.
  • Reduce your risk of illness and injury by maintaining your immune function and supporting general health.

However, in the same breadth if we get things wrong it can have very negative consequences. For example, chronic underfuelling which can often occur by accident when athletes fail to adjust their energy intakes in line with the demands of their activity can lead not only to poor performances but also reduced immune function, disrupted menstrual cycles, decreased bone density, poor mood, low concentration and under recovery. I think we can all agree that there are no positives to be taken from this list!

So where do you start? Well, as stated at the top performance starts with how you fuel! By aligning your nutrition to the type, intensity and duration of activity you are putting yourself in the best position possible to avoid these negatives and take advantage of all of the benefits. 

Specifically, a periodised nutrition strategy, such as Carb Coding can help to remove the guesswork from your nutrition and act as a potent “training tool” to influence not only the quality of our performance during our workouts, but also elevate how our body is adapting to the work, and enhance how effectively it is recovering.

Carb Code: Low, Medium & High

How? Well it all starts with physiology. By understanding how your body metabolises fuel across different activities, intensities and durations, Carb Coding personalises and periodises our carbohydrate and energy needs so we are primed to perform, adapt and recover in any scenario.

But, as with many things, consistency is the key. Let me explain. A common mistake that many people often make is to wait until the day before a game or the week of a race to dial in their nutrition. Given that we eat 3+ times a day, this “last minute” approach means we’ve missed a significant number of opportunities in the days and weeks in the lead up to our events. 

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