Live Energy: How to Elevate Performance and Enhance Recovery

Live Energy: How to Elevate Performance and Enhance Recovery

Feb 2023
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Live Energy: How to Elevate Performance and Enhance Recovery

If you want to optimise your health and perform at your best Live Energy is an essential addition to your locker of tech tools. The ability to get a real-time view of your energy status, as well as a predictive view of this interaction between intake and expenditure into future events, can be a secret weapon for your performance when implemented correctly. 

The ability to get a real-time view of your current energy status, as well as a prediction of how your energy status will change throughout the day based on your meal preferences, exercise and lifestyle can be a secret weapon for performance when implemented correctly.  

But how can you get the most out of the feature and what should you be looking out for? Well the team at Hexis have pulled together our top tips for using the feature. Check them out…

Tightening up your Timing

When you can see the clear minute by minute interaction between your energy intake and energy expenditure you may identify some opportunities to tighten up some suboptimal meal timings. For example, you may be preparing for a very demanding workout first thing in the morning and see that, by having breakfast after, you may be starting the session without enough fuel in the tank to support the higher demands of this particular workout. In this instance, shifting your training time to allow for some quality fuelling and digestion before can be a smart move. Do note though that it is absolutely fine to do some sessions fasted, but generally they are less energetically demanding workouts.

Adjusting your Intake

Seeing the impacts of your intake live can be a powerful unlock for identifying periods of under or overfuelling. By tracking your meals you can pick up where in the day and on what days of the week your habitual intake may not be doing you favours and leaving you a bit short for a session or too full. In these cases you’ll quickly see the difference between what you’ve tracked and the fuel plan personalised for you by Hexis. Making these tweaks up and down is one of the most impactful ways to nail your fuelling and take full advantage of recovery.

Understanding Session Demands

For every workout you’ll be able to visualise its drain on your energy. The level of this expenditure is really driven by the type, intensity and duration of the activity. Put simply, some workouts cost us a lot of energy, even if we may not have thought so previously. Of course on the flip side, some workouts can feel very challenging but in the end not be that energy expensive. Being able to see this data will help you understand the unique demands of each of your workouts and how our nutrition pre and post can keep us at our best.  

Identifying Patterns

You may start to recognise patterns in your nutrition requirements, as well as your own behaviours, by using Live Energy to track and predict your energy status. For example, you may notice that you consistently require more energy or less energy at certain time points in the day. In addition, you might also start to see that there may be certain times of the day that you consistently under or over fuel. By identifying these patterns, you can make adjustments to your behaviours to better fuel for and recover from your workouts.

To learn more about Live Energy check out our features page, or if you are ready to take your health and performance to another level, sign up here.

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