Introducing Live Energy

Introducing Live Energy

Feb 2023
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Introducing Live Energy

What Is Live Energy And Why Does It Matter?

For too long nutrition has been looked at through a 24 hours lens. However, the increasing scientific evidence is recognising its time for change! That is what drove the team at Hexis to develop a tool that can help you understand your body’s energy status in real-time. With Live Energy you can track and predict what your body needs to not only perform at its best but also recover optimally.

Introducing Live Energy

Live Energy visualises, minute by minute, how your energy balance will flux throughout the day in line with your tracked and planned nutrition and the demands of your training and lifestyle. This energy journey that your body goes on is not only influenced by your own personal physical and lifestyle characteristics and traits, but also your nutrition and exercise behaviours. For example, when you eat and how much you eat (your intake) will have a large impact on when and how much your Live Energy increases. Likewise, the metabolic processes our bodies go through, as well as our activity and exercise will influence how rapidly your Live Energy decreases (expenditure). 

Before We Talk About Performance, Let’s Start With Your Health

There are a number of reasons why Live Energy is an important and valuable addition to your daily life. But today we want to start with your health, the topic of stress and the current status quo. It goes without saying that unnecessary and excessive stress is not helpful. In fact, it can be pretty damaging to our health. Yet, the beneficial effects that nutrition can have are not being captured through a typical current 24 hour view.

Let me explain. Our body’s endocrine (hormonal) responses act on real-time changes in energy intake and expenditure, and it is pretty sensitive. For instance, multiple back-to-back hours in a moderate energy deficit and large single-hour deficits have been associated with increased cortisol (our stress hormone) levels, over time this pattern of accumulating moderate and large energy deficits can lead to metabolic suppression, menstrual dysfunction in females and lower testosterone in males. This means that even if we are consuming the correct amount of energy over a 24 hour period, we may still be placing my body under significant stress if we are not visualising how to distribute our intakes effectively throughout the course of the day in line with our unique expenditures. Put simply, a continuous view on energy status is essential to appropriately maintain our health.

Over the coming days our team will be sharing more about insights into Live Energy. In the meantime, you can check out our features page, or if you are ready to take your health and performance to another level, sign up here

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