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March 5, 2024
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Inside the Features | The Hexis Coach Hub

Dive into the features of the Hexis Coach Hub with our CEO & Founder Dr David Dunne

Inside the Features | The Hexis Coach Hub

The Coach Hub, Designed by Practitioner for Practitioners

All-In-One Client Management

Whether it's planning, tracking, analysing or reporting, we’ve got you covered. Remove time consuming admin tasks  from your day with the Client Dashboard and spend more time having meaningful conversations and building relationships.

Say good to time consuming manual inefficiencies in your day with the most intelligent AI in sports nutrition. Hexis recognises that every athlete and client are unique. Powered by cutting-edge AI, the Fuel Planner tailors personalised and periodised nutrition recommendations, redefining the landscape from small client numbers and generic advice to bespoke strategies at scale.

Food Logs & Nutrient Analysis

Dive into the details of your client food logs with automated nutrient analysis. Hexis moves past traditional tracking apps by integrating real-time monitoring with predictive capabilities. Empower yourself and your clients to make informed decisions, turning every workout into an opportunity for optimisation with data-driven precision.

Your Future with Hexis: A Personalised, Periodised, Data-Driven Approach

Hexis marks the beginning of a new chapter in sports and performance nutrition. It's your new co-pilot, eliminating the need for spreadsheet-generated plans or generic advice.

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