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December 10, 2023
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Hexis Partners with Harelquins to Maximise Performance

Hexis are delighted to announce a game-changing partnership with Harlequins.

Hexis Partners with Harelquins to Maximise Performance

The team at Hexis are delighted to announce a game-changing partnership with Harlequins, the mavericks of professional rugby. This collaboration demonstrates the pivotal role that innovation and technology are now playing on the frontline of elite sport to maximise athletic performance, recovery and adaptation.

Hexis, which is built on the science-backed foundations that fuel gold medal success, will be delivering 24/7 personalised nutrition powered by AI to the Harlequins players throughout the 2023/24 season. Each players nutrition needs will be dynamically tailored to the unique demands of their workouts, lifestyle and goals; dietary intake will be analysed; and feedback and data visualisations provided in real-time to help every individual fuel smarter, perform better and recover faster.

Harlequins Head of Athletic Performance Gareth Tong said:

“Hexis is a simple and effective tool which will help our playing programme monitor and periodise nutrition intake levels of our players, delivering high performance analysis and insight. We’ve enjoyed working with Hexis throughout preseason and looking forward to developing a successful partnership.”

Hexis CEO David Dunne added:

“Having worked with Harlequins in the past and having seen first-hand their commitment to high performance, it was an easy decision for Hexis to form this exciting partnership. We’re looking forward to working with the players and supporting the performance staff with technology that saves time, improves efficiency and supports the delivery of personalisation services at scale.”

If you’re part of a nutritionist, coach or sports organisation and would like to learn more about how Hexis can help take your performances to the next level contact

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