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December 10, 2023
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Hexis Launches Food Tracking

Hexis Food Tracking will now enable you to search over 1 million foods to help you track your intake and reflect on your progress

Hexis Launches Food Tracking

The team at Hexis are delighted to share that our Food Tracking feature is now live!

Although we recognise that you may not want or need to track your food all the time, we wanted to ensure that when you did decide to dive into the numbers and log your intake that you’d have access to the most reliable nutrition information possible. 

Before we go any further, you can find out how to track in Hexis by following the steps in the video below…

The addition of this feature into the Hexis ecosystem will enable you to search an expert verified database of over a million foods and track your intake against your personalised meal by meal and daily targets. Each food not only contains energy and macronutrient profiles, but also vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as well as allergen and properties tags. This comprehensive nutrient profile leaves no stone unturned as the numbers removes any guesswork from how you can optimally fuel for, recover from and adapt to your workouts.

Hexis Food Tracking

To help you get up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible our team has also prepared some answers to common questions below. 

Can I add my own foods to Hexis?

Yes, simply select the button to the left of the search bar and you can add your own unique foods.

Can I edit my logged meals and snacks?

Yes, just click the log to the right of your Code Code and you can edit and amend as you require.

Can I use a barcode scanner?

Not at this moment in time but we are working on this and plan on including it in the future.

This feature release marks the first introduction of Food Tracking to the Hexis ecosystem as we continue to design, develop and deliver on our Product Roadmap. To date the features we have are building and the integrations we have been making have all been informed by you and your feedback. This is something we value highly and appreciate always. With that in mind, if there is a product feature you’d like Hexis to make or an integration you want to see us build please email with your suggestions.

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