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December 10, 2023
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Hexis In The Media

Exploring Hexis: UFC Sports Nutritionist dives into the science of Carb Coding, Cyclist's Fuelling Secrets, and Wearable Integration - A Must-Read!

Hexis In The Media

There was some pretty cool content in the media this week and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. You can check out the latest videos, blogs and interviews from both athletes and experts breaking down the benefits of Hexis below. 

UFC Sports Nutritionist Jordan Sullivan

UFC Sports Nutritionist Jordan Sullivan jumped on the WattBike and deep dived into the science and benefits of Carb Coding, discussing Hexis Co-Founder Dr Sam Impey’s PhD in the process. If you want to understand the research, this is a MUST WATCH. 

Watch now

Cyclist and YouTuber Ed Laverack

Cyclist and YouTuber Ed Laverack recently took on the Welsh mountains during the Welsh National Championships. He took to YouTube to review the race and how Hexis helped him fuel his top 10 finish! Watch now

How Hexis puts a wearable nutritionist in your pocket

Hexis CEO and Co-Founder caught up with Wearable magazine and discussed how your wearable workout data can now power real-time personalised nutrition. Together they broke down about Hexis’ new Apple Health integration and the impact of the feature on "closing the loop" and "being able to turn your training data into actionable nutrition practices"  Read now

We hope you enjoyed this content and look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Stay healthy and fuelled,

The Hexis Team

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