Goals vs Resolutions

Goals vs Resolutions

Jan 2023
Goals vs Resolutions

The start of a new year is the most common time for us all to make resolutions, whether that’s introducing new nutrition practices, drinking less alcohol, or making improvements to our fuelling and recovery practices. However, these resolutions often fail. There are several reasons that contribute to us dropping these behaviours but often the biggest factor is motivation, or lack thereof. 

Goals, on the other hand, are often the drivers of our motivation. They give our nutrition and training a sense of direction and purpose as we strive towards achieving something that matters to us. So if you’re reading this, let’s start with step 1 and take a moment to jot down what goal(s) you’d like to achieve in 2023. 

Now that this is jotted down we can move on. What is on the paper in front of you is something specific and can be measured. Let’s take “completing my first marathon” for example. This goal is specific and measurable because you can easily track your progress towards it and you will definitely know you have achieved it. In fact, in this particular instance it will very likely have a clear end date that you are working towards. Let’s move on to step 2, on the same page make a list of ways that nutrition and training can influence your likelihood of achieving your desired goal.

Great, now you have a clear goal complemented with powerful tools (nutrition and training) to help you achieve it. It’s time to turn this into a plan! This plan will help give you structure, guidance and remove the guesswork on a day to day basis to help you achieve your goal. Your training will likely be periodised to help you reach these new highs, meaning that not every day will be the same. Some days you will have to push yourself harder, some days you’ll need to take it easier and some days you’ll need to prioritise rest to help your body recover and adapt. We recommend reaching out to your coach to help get the right foundations in place.

Once the training plan is in place it's time to align your nutrition to give you the edge. Complementing your training with a periodised approach to your nutrition will ensure that your body is getting the right nutrients at the right time to fuel for the unique demand of each day. This approach can not only lead to improved athletic performance, but also faster rates of recovery, improved training adaptations and reduce your risk of injury. This is exactly where Hexis can help. Hexis will remove the guesswork and ensure your body has the right fuel at each meal of every day so that you are primed and ready to unleash your potential.

This quick read may not have been long enough to think about your goals and get the plan in place but we hope this has created a spark in your mind for 2023. Take some time, set your goals and let’s achieve something great in 2023.

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