Intra-Workout Fuelling

Push harder for longer with tailored fuelling strategies designed to maximise workout performance

Intra-Workout Fuelling

Push harder for longer with tailored fuelling strategies designed to maximise workout performance

Use Code: INTRA20 For 20% Off

Use Code: INTRA20
For 20% Off

Never Bonk Again

Power through every minute of your workouts and make hunger flats a thing of the past

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Understand Why

Feel confident in your fuelling and remove the guesswork with personalised insights and expert coaching

Science Backed Strategies

Each recommendation is built by experts on a foundation of the latest scientific evidence and trusted by the world’s top athletes, including Tour de France stage winners.

Maximise Every Workout

Unleash your higher gear and power new PBs by delaying the onset of fatigue during your workouts

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How does your body use fuel during exercise?

Dive into the science behind Intra-Workout Fuelling with our Chief Scientific Officer Dr Sam Impey

The Ultimate Training Tool

Level up your workouts with the most powerful platform in health and performance nutrition

Use Code: INTRA20 For 20% Off

Test Your Fuelling Knowledge

Take our 3 minute Quiz to discover what type of “Fueller” you are!

Hear what our Pros are saying

"Bike races can be won and lost with nutrition.

Hexis’ Intra-Workout Fuelling crunches the numbers for me and translates my planned rides and races into personalised on-bike fuelling which is a game-changer"

Bob Jungels
World Tour Cyclist

‘During the Tour de France the Intra-Workout Fuelling feature is crucial for me’

Not just to fuel the current day properly, but also to make sure I have enough energy to recover and keep performing throughout the entire 3 weeks

Chris Harper
World Tour Cyclist

Frequently Asked Question

Is Hexis for Coaches or Athletes?

Hexis offers platforms for both Coaches and Athletes. The Coach Hub helps coaches save time and scale their services to athletes via the distribution of the Hexis app. The Hexis app helps athletes (with and without coaches) fuel smarter, perform better and recover faster with 24/7 personalised nutrition tailored to their workouts, lifestyle and goal.

What type of Coaches will benefit from Hexis?

Any coach wanting to deliver personalised nutrition support to their athletes will benefit from Hexis. Typically, this includes nutritionists, S&C coaches, personal trainers and sports coaches.

Is Hexis only for intense athletes?

Hexis is for anyone looking to make improvements to their daily performance and health, whether they are an elite athlete, fitness enthusiast, or recreational exerciser. Fuelling smarter with personalised and periodised nutrition tailored to your body's unique requirements is critical to enhancing performance, accelerating recovery and avoiding illness.

What makes Hexis better than other platforms?

Unlike most other nutrition platforms Hexis does a lot more than just track calories. Hexis predictively plans, personalises and periodises your daily nutrition needs to the unique demands of each of your workouts, as well as your lifestyle, goals and physical characteristics. Once a workout is complete, Hexis also puts your wearable data to work and dynamically updates your plan so you know exactly how to fuel your body to recover. All of this is delivered via easy to understand and data driven features that help you remove the guesswork from your nutrition.

Is there a strong science base behind Hexis?

Hexis has been developed on the back of 50+ years of research into how to optimally fuel for the demands of your activity, the desired training outcome and time available for recovery. Built by industry experts (PhD’s in sports nutrition, exercise physiology, behavioural science, data science and computer science), a landmark contribution was the “Fuel for the Work Required” research by Co-Founder Dr. Sam Impey.

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