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Features Overview

An all-new way to fuel your performance

Fuel coach on Hexis app
Fuel Planner

Powered by Carb Codes, personalised fuel planning ensures your body has the right type of foods, in the correct total amounts and at the right time of day.

Fuel coach on Hexis app
Fuel Coach

Actionable insights on how you can optimise your performance, recovery and progess every day.

See your day differently with Live Energy

Live Energy on Hexis app
Real-Time Energy Management

Visualise the dynamic interaction between your energy intake and energy expenditure in real-time throughout the day.

Live Energy on Hexis app
Predictive Planning

Track and predict your energy balance to ensure your body is primed to perform at its peak when it matters most.

Remove the guesswork with Kcal & Macros

Calorie target screen on Hexis app
Calorie Targets

The harder you work, the more energy you'll need. Your daily calorie target is tailored to the strains and stresses placed on your body, whilst still effectively managing your weight and body composition.

Calorie target screen on Hexis app
Macronutrient Targets

Macronutrient targets are bespoke to your biometric, workout and lifestyle data, as well as optimised for your weight and body composition goals.

What the research says

38% increase in
fat burning
10% Improved
1.1% Reduction in
Body Fat in 3 weeks

What our members say

More confident
in their nutrition
Improved Energy &
enhanced Performance
Simple to Use &
Easy to follow

Coming soon

Wearable Integration    In-Workout Fuel Recommendations
Meal & Food tracking    Personalised Recipes
Wearable Integration
In-Workout Fuel
Meal & Food tracking
Personalised Recipes

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