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Unlock your higher gear with nutrition tailored to the unique demands of your workouts, lifestyle and goals.

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Unlock your higher gear with nutrition tailored to the unique demands of your workouts, lifestyle and goals.

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Fuel Planner
Fuel planner on the Hexis app

What are Carb Codes?

Informed by 50+ years of research on how to optimally fuel for the demands of your activity, Carb Codes periodise your nutrition intake to ensure that your are getting the right nutrients at the right times to support your training and performance.

This periodised fuelling strategy identifes, plans and schedules when your body needs low, medium and high carbohydrate meals and snacks.

By tailoring your fuel to strains and stresses of your day, this strategy can delay your time to fatigue and enhance your body's metabolic flexibility. These improvements in both carbohydrate and fat usage ensure you are getting the most out of every workout.

How do Carb Codes work?

It all starts with physiology. By understanding how your body metabolises fuel across different activities, intensities and durations, Carb Coding personalises and periodises your carbohydrate and energy needs so you are primed to perform, adapt and recover in any scenario.

Low, Medium, High

Carb Code recommendations are displayed using a green, amber and red traffic light system:

High Carb: Green

  • High carb meals are predominantly carbohydrate based and contain moderate amounts of protein and vegetables.

  • Best for periods of higher energy requirements.

  • Ideal to help fuel for, and recover from, big workouts.

Medium Carb: Amber

  • Medium carb meals are traditionally balanced meals.

  • Best for periods of moderate energy requirements.

  • Can aid fuelling and recovery for a range of exercise and activity levels..

Low Carb: Red

  • Low carb meals are predominantly protein and vegetable based.

  • Best for periods of lower energy requirements.

  • Can support improvements in body composition and weight management.

Fuel planner on the Hexis app

Because every day is different

Some days are hard and long, others are shorter and easier, whereas some days are about complete rest and recovery.

Discover what you’re really capable of by fuelling your body according to these ever changing daily demands.


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